1994 - 2014

'The contradictions found in all existence, the ephemeral quality of life and the passage of time [...] themes woven through and into her oeuvre over the years, are picked up in the Seed Sower Series begun in 1994, to join a new and dominant thread: the cyclical nature of life, where both life, death (and eventual renewal) are seen as an inseparable whole [...] capturing the essence of things and interpreting them in a uniquely poetic manner.'

                                                                                                                        Excerpt from Seed Sowers Exhibition Catalogue - (link to text)



'Les cycles perpétuels de la vie, l'évolution [...] et les transformations causées par le passage du temps sont au coeur des recherches de l'artiste comme en témoingnent ses installations et sculptures calquées sur le comportement de la nature. [...] elle évoque les possibilités infinies qui existent à partir d'une forme, cellule ou graine.'

Extrait du catalogue d'exposition La semence -  (lien au texte)